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The 2022 WAHA/WHOA State Playoff & State Tournament eligible officials list click HERE.
Girls Tier II Playoffs
USA HOCKEY Rule Changes
Statement Regarding “Spit Guards”
WAHA has received several inquiries regarding the use of Spit Guards this season. The organization that certifies hockey helmets and any accessories attached to a helmet, Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC) has stated “that there is not enough research to determine the effectiveness of any of spit guard in preventing the spread of air borne illnesses.” Also, USA Hockey has issued the following statement regarding spit guards: “At this time, there has been no conclusive research presented to determine the effectiveness of any of these products in preventing the spread of air borne illnesses. The goal of spit guards is indeed appropriate, however, it’s important that parents, players, coaches and officials know that attaching anything to a HECC-certified helmet voids the certification, unless it is approved by the helmet manufacturer and verified by HECC’s validator.” Click HERE for the entire USAH article

The CDC defines an approved face covering as: “Covers the nose and mouth and secures under your chin. Fits snuggly against the side of the face.” Based on these guidelines, WAHA will not approve the use of any spit guard as a stand-alone face covering when there is a mask mandate in effect that is issued by any government agency or rink facility. While we encourage the use of a CDC approved face covering while indoors and in close contact with others, the use of only a HECC approved spit guard in areas or rink facilities that have no mask mandate will be allowed. Further, the use of HECC approved spit guards in conjunction with the wearing of CDC approved face covering would provide the most protection against the spread of Covid-19.

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Starting in 2021 The Invitational Tournament fee will be $250. In the past USA Hockey's fee was $50 and WAHA's fee was $50. Now USA Hockey's fee is $250 and WAHA's fee is $0.

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