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Press Release


The impact of the pandemic on the WIAA hockey season, especially in terms of the cancellation of some conference play, the policy of Dane County prohibiting game play along with games not being scheduled until January 25th 2021 have had a huge impact on everyone. Several questions have been asked of the WAHA Board about the upcoming season. On Wednesday evening Oct. 21, 2020 the WAHA board met via zoom call to address those questions.
  1. Will WAHA sponsor Team Wisconsin as a full season program?
    Team Wisconsin was started to give skaters an opportunity to compete as a top level before and after the WIAA season, while staying at home and playing high school hockey (WIAA). After input from TW staff and discussion of what is best for all high school skaters across the entire state, the following motion was passed: Team Wisconsin will remain a “Before and After” program.
  2. Must Team Wisconsin players return to WIAA teams?
    It has been the policy of Team Wisconsin that all players must return to their high school team for the WIAA season. Those players 14U eligible can play high school or by following policy requests, play at the 14U USA Hockey level. The following motion was adopted: Any TW player, not 14U (Bantam) eligible, must report to their WIAA team by November 16, 2020 as long as said team is planning to practice and play games throughout the WIAA 2020-2021 season. Those TW players in WIAA areas with no games until January 25, 2021 may choose to play either for their WIAA team, or for their local association, but not both. (If your local association does not have an age-appropriate team, you can play for the nearest association, offering an age appropriate team subject to WAHA Rules and Regulations.)
  3. Can Tier II before and after teams, other than TW, play full season?
    The following motion was adopted: All Tier II before and after teams will conclude their before season on November 15, 2020. There will be no full season opportunities for these teams. Teams include, but are not limited to: 18U Jr Jets, 18U Bobcats, Girls 19U Selects, Girl’s High School Phoenix, Girl’s High School Black Cats and Girl’s High School Wild Cats.
  4. High School age players who opt out of playing for their WIAA team must play for a local association team as provided for under WAHA Rules and Regulations (these rules govern where a player is allowed to participate).
It is the desire of the WAHA Board to give all high school hockey players an opportunity to play and develop their skills in a safe and fair manner. We encourage local organizations to conduct high school age appropriate teams for skaters. WAHA will not allow the formation of all-star teams encompassing several high school districts. WAHA requires that all games to be played are subject to federal, state, local and rink/arena pandemic recommendations.

Have a fun and safe 2020-2021 season.

The WAHA Board