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About Us


WAHA exists to provide the foundation for players of all ages and all skill levels to learn and love the game of ice hockey.



  1. Growth – We believe that it is our responsibility to grow the game of hockey.
  2. Respect – We believe that the game of hockey needs to be respected for its tradition and that one of WAHA’s roles is to monitor the game to maintain that respect.
  3. Administration – We believe is it our responsibility to ensure the USA/WAHA rules are enforced. WAHA is also the governing body over state associations, their boundaries and by-laws.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility – We believe that through proper administration and fiscal management WAHA can keep hockey affordable for players at the grass roots and elite levels.
  5. Training – We believe that proper training for players, coaches and officials is imperative.
  6. Education – We believe that it is important parents/spectators, players, coaches and officials understand their respective codes of conduct.
  7. Fair and Equitable Opportunities – We believe that all players, regardless of age, gender and skill level, should have a fair and equitable opportunity to play and enjoy the game of hockey.
  8. Communication – We believe that communication with and among stakeholders is a primary role of WAHA.
  9. Fun – We believe that in order for players to enjoy the game of hockey, build lifelong friendships, and create long lasting memories, they have to have fun while participating in the game.
  10. Safety – We believe that in order to have a safe experience, players need to have appropriate equipment, be coached and supervised by trusted adults who have passed strict background screenings, and be trained in an environment that helps them learn the game, improve their skills, and builds character.

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